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While an unfinished piece of woodwork may still look like its 100% complete its still missing one crucial element, a coating of finish product. We choose to appreciate the natural beauty of our lumber and therefore do not offer paint as one of our finishing options. Hardwood lumber is sought after for it variety of grain patterns, colours and even imperfections. Covering these features with a coat of paint hides these qualities and in our opinion ruins the piece. Instead we offer a selection of wood stains, oils and epoxy resin finishes which help protect the work for day to day life and preserve the natural characteristics for the lifetime of the piece.  

Oil Finishes

Classified as a penetrating stain. Oil finishes are meant to soak into the wood pours giving a finish which protects the surface and doesn't come off easily. Known to accentuate grain patterns depending on the finish. Not for outdoor use*


Teak Oil / Tung Oil / Linseed Oil


Similar to oil, varnish also penetrates the wood surface to offer a lasting finish. Unlike oil finishes which dry, varnish hardens leaving a "top coat" of finish. This makes varnish ideal for outdoor works or pieces which will see a lot of abuse as this coat works as a protective layer. 


Exterior Varnish / Polyurethane Varnish

Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin comes in two parts, the resin and a hardener which once applied to wood, seals the pours leaving a finish that is rot and damage resistant. Available in a range of colour options and can be used to fill cracks and imperfections to leave a truly unique finish. 


Black / White / Gold / Blue / Red / Etc.

Wood Stains

Oil based stains which are tint-able allowing for a variety of colour options. These finishes preserve the grain pattern of the wood while allowing for the overall colour of the piece to be customized. Add a polyurethane or lacquer top coat to help protect the surface from daily use.


Tint-able Wood Stain / Clear Polyurethane 


Lacquer finishes form a top coat over the surface of the wood. If you want a clear high gloss finish which will make the wood shine then lacquer is what you want. Otherwise choose to have a coat of lacquer applied over a oil or colour finish to add a layer of protection to your custom piece.


Clear Lacquer

Food Grade

These finishes are applied to our serving trays, charcuterie and cutting boards. Anything that may comes in contact with food products. We only use 100% food grade butcher block oil to ensure a quality finish that's safe to eat off of. We use a two part process the uses a wood oil and a board cream.  


John Boo's Mystery Oil + Board Cream


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