Made to Order

Welcome to The Made To Order Program

Not everything we make can be advertised and sold in a physical or on an online store. These pieces are so unique we haven't even built them yet. Their waiting for one thing, 
Your design input
Want your own unique piece of woodwork? We can custom design and build your very own unique piece of furniture or woodworking art. We’ll guide you through the design and material selection process and keep you updated until you receive delivery of your new work of art.


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

It all starts with a vision.  Let us know what you're looking for, the type, size, style and finish you want. If you're unsure we won’t rush you, we have plenty of work and want to ensure your happy with your piece. Once you know what you want us to build we can move on.
Once we know what we’re building we need to know out of what. Choose from a vast selection of hardwoods or cedar if you are looking for something for the patio or deck. Then add a coat of finish product to further customize and protect your piece.
Custom art takes time and we don’t want to rush. Each piece is built to order so all our attention can be focused on the details, cause they are what you see the most. We ask you to be patient while we work to ensure that upon delivery you are 100% satisfied. We promise it will all be worth the wait.


To learn more about offered materials and finishes and to being The Journey of creating your very own piece of woodwork, Click Here.